I’ve had a long time interest in cycles in psychology, such as Freud’s repetition compulsion (where people subconsciously re-enact old conflicts), circular reasoning (fixated arguments) and cognitive looping (not encoding things properly so they are repeated).

            I didn’t realize that the cosmos itself can be cyclical until I found a book in the library on the subject. The book also discussed what would happen to the earth and society at the end of the universe: we would either experience a shift in entropy and live life on rewind , be reincarnated, but with slight variations in how we live out our lives, or live in an endless return, where life is repeated exactly over and over. I favored the idea of reincarnation.

I was walking through a field and noticed the life and death in nature, cycles and mortality. I started to then think about my relationship to time, how I have a poor internal clock, which is why I am often late to things, and how I wish to step outside of space-time so that I can create more time to learn and spend with my partner. It also occurred to be that in obsessing/researching about time, I may lose the only time I have if I’m not successful.

 The book I read also had an interesting quote about escaping space-time: “as the brain consumes data related to the outside world it continually converts disordered material or gray matter to ordered states/memory storage… In the process entropy is increased.” This means that while dreaming, we can escape this entropy process and space-time.

I wanted to share my view of the romanticism and how different psychological states correspond to different elemental shapes/ universes in an epic sci-fi narrative based on my own life’s narrative. I want to find balance with searching for more time and with enjoying my time as well as experiment more with escaping space time through dreams. I want this project to explore issues that we have as a society with time and artificial cycles, dictated by technology. We are micro versions of the universe, and I feel both should have healthy cycles.