space fergie shoe

Sana was in in her wild lynx form and she went with a mushroom head person into a dill field . she stashed her clothing she found from an elephant carcass in a bush and followed him to the corner of the field , there was airplane chairs in the field and skeleton dudes , they lit a fire and watched grimes , rick and morty while a dude in a dog chain neaklace popped up and mentioned and kaufman . When she woke up there were she thought two dogs on the floor on further inspection they were magical space shoes , like from a scene in star wars in a fergie music video , she put them on and started dancing and one of the guys through a giant bra at her feet ! "ew gross " ,she exclaimed as she kicked the bra over davids head . "what the fuck is that,a u.f.o " said david .  'whats with the overreaction ' said david". "oh , I just prefer bralettes " said sana . "why didnt you just say that and furthermre what is that ?" " its , a thin lacy bra for people without large breasts that aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable ...  David , " ah ,nevermind , spock your like a fashion dictionary ..hey .. you want to make pickles with the dill in this field ? " . the guys in the background called on their phones for water .  " okay , eggscelent !, lets do it , said sa